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Take a look at our new collection of children’s book! And there’s more delightful read-aloud books on the way. We will keep you posted! But until then, checkout, “Khobe Koala And His Whittle Tummy Ache.” Khobe Koala’s mission is to promote health and wellness.


Khobe Koala and His Whittle Tummy Ache

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Khobe believes in fostering healthy eating habits for children of all ages.

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The second installment of the Khobe Koala book series, Khobe Koala and His Whittle Fruit Adventure. Available for pre-order!

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You Are Never Not Good Enough
Written by: April Lohrmann


Khobe Koala Tote Bag


Khobe Koala Plastic Tumbler


Khobe Koala Velveteen Plush Blanket