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Frank Carta

He's a nerdy, ambitious, intelligent young man with a love for pop culture, looking to follow in his mother's footsteps. His dream is to work for the Bright Star Foundation. His mission is to find a cure for a disease, which claimed the lives of his mother (inadvertently), and twin brother.

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Clarice Goodwin

She was known as Frank's godmother. Clarice Goodwin is the former assistant of Dr. Alyssa Carta. Her appearance became disfigured after the lab explosion, which claimed the life of Alyssa Carta. No one knows Clarice's true intentions, but she is highly intelligent and manipulative. 

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Nicholas Conkey

He is one of Frank's closest friends from high school. Nicholas has anger issues but means well. He stands up for his friends but tends to make situations worse. A typical jock, but overall, possesses a good heart.

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Christopher Sanchez

Frank's best friend since high school. A young man of few words with an affinity for comic books.


A cold-blooded, hired gun who is a textbook psychopath. Ex-military, Ramesses, is quick-witted and ill-tempered due to the reoccurring typo and mispronunciation of his name.

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Stanley Casey

A brilliant biogenetics researcher with an affinity for knowledge. Head scientist at the Bright Star Foundation. Frank's Uncle, Stanley Casey, has a protective personality and more of a parental relationship with Frank than his father, Bruce.

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Charles Duquette

A ruthless, cutthroat businessman who portrays himself as someone who has everyone's best interest at heart, yet underneath the surface is as shady and devious as they come.

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Bruce Carta

Father of Frank Carta. Bruce is an emotionally unavailable widower who is doing his best to keep his family together. Bruce blames himself for his wife's death and feels immense guilt due to their unresolved marital issues.

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She is a brilliant yet jaded young lady with a chip on her shoulder. Reina, abducted and orphaned at an early age, was experimented on and trained to be cunning and relentless. She possesses a twisted sense of morality and is driven by revenge.

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Dr. Alyssa Carta

Mother of Frank Carta. A gifted researcher and diligent scientist. However, due to the untimely loss of Frank's twin brother, Alyssa, met her demise in a lab explosion while conducting research in an attempt to find a cure for RFSx.

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